Telecommunications Solutions
for Government & Education


CSG is available to analyze the telecommunications needs of clients in response to the Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act (DIVCA -- AB2987) and to assist public agencies and healthcare organizations in articulating these needs to their respective video service and telecommunications service providers. 

Outcomes include video service to public buildings, dedicated fiber, internet connections, video conferencing systems, and other IT/Data resources.  CSG is also available to assist schools, libraries, and public health providers obtain discounted broadband connectivity by assisting clients become authorized by the California Tele-connect Fund (CTF), Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), and the FCC's Rural Health Care Pilot Program (RHCPP).  

Here is a good sample of questions to ask when you consider adding or modifying your governmental or educational telecommunications systems.

  • Can I spend more time being productive versus learning how to use and support technology?

  • How many more clients will I be able to serve today because of economies and efficiencies created by new communication services like Hosted VOIP or other cloud solutions?

  • Can I upgrade everything I need without capital expenditures?

  • How can strategic new voice and data solutions help me increase my productivity or help me market my services better?

  • Will cloud computing improve my paper flow and tracking?

  • How can hosted or managed service improve my security and create a disaster recovery plan for my agency?

  • Will Hosted VOIP give me the flexibility I need to expand or contract users or facilities?

  • How can technology help me establish standard processes and reliable communication channels between campuses or remote offices?

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CSG also assists clients in designing, specifying, procuring, and provisioning video conference end-user and network management equipment with emphasis on multi-protocol routing technology, management servers, streaming servers, AV systems, robotics, audio, lighting, and LAN/WAN technologies and protocols. 

Please see Resources Link at left navigation pane for Latest Announcement from the FCC on converting the Universal Service Fund to the Connect America Fund.

Legacy municipal clients also enjoy access to CSG's franchise fee and utility tax revenue audit services. CSG was founded by Mr. John Risk, who presides over the company and provides consultant services to California public agencies of all sizes and locations

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