Telecommunications Audits

Communications Support Group's audit services save our clients money, increase sales, and improve productivity.

Whether we are supplying assessment, design, implementation, contract negotiation, audit or support, we are singularly focused on continually increasing the value of your communications infrastructure.

Optimize Your Resources

Leverage market-leading expertise in telecom management to help find the best plans, identify overbilling issues, and find the most efficient ways to deploy mobile solutions and support -- and maximize workforce productivity -- across the entire organization.  A typical orientation meeting might look like this:

  1. Review overall telecommunications purchasing for voice, data, information technology (IT) circuits (both wire and wireless) and related monthly procedures for collecting invoice information, preparing invoice vouchers, soliciting approval and processing for payment and procedures for ongoing change management (adds, changes and deletions).

  2. Define current types of monthly reporting requirements deployed by the Enterprise (e.g., exception reports, usage reports, and budgetary reports.

  3. Define current workflow, approval process and set-up order management and provisioning (procurement), workflow, distribution listing, contacts and employee authorizations.

  4. Review methods for capturing, analyzing, approving and paying communication invoices.

  5. Demo Widepoint desktop solutions and software systems

  6. Describe types of monthly reports as desired to identify:
    - Proper contractual discounts
    - Correct operating unit, cost, employee, location codes
    - Correct monthly service amounts
    - Improper service charges
    - Improper or unusual usage of services (i.e. fraud)
    - Proper cancellation of billing upon termination of service
    - Zero-balance services available for termination
    - One-time charges
    - Unneeded or under utilized circuits or services

  7. Review Enterprise's current methods for accurate and timely processing of communication invoices and maintenance of device and services inventory.

For help tackling strategic, operational, and cost-containment challenges surrounding telecommunications services, please contact us to schedule a free assessment and introductory visit.