Telecom Cost Recovery Audits

Are you too overwhelmed with other responsibilities to closely manage your enterprise's telecommunications spend?  We can assist you.  Communications Support Group focuses on getting refunds and correcting billing errors to achieve ongoing savings.

Our team understands policies and procedures that protect your rights. We know the statutes of limitations within which you have to submit disputes or lose what's owed to you.

CSG can decode tariff, contract and service guide language which is often misinterpreted by carrier representatives.  CSG will provide the following:

  • Provide initial and monthly optimization of client’s wired voice and data services;

  • Provide procurement and provisioning of approved voice, data, services (if operational management option is selected);

  • Interface with telecommunication providers to modify service plans, upgrade or provision new, correct billing discrepancies, etc.;

  • Review, monitor, and resolve any errors and approve telecommunication invoices monthly;

  • Provide monthly reporting package to management reflecting savings, usage trends and cost center details;

  • Develop methods and procedures agreeable to client for all above procedures;

  • Provide a single point of contact for client regarding all telecommunications matters; and

  • Assist in the development of telecommunications usage policies, procedures and best practices.

    To find out if your company is overpaying on phone bills, contact us and speak with an expert who knows what to look for and how to find it.

We also provide consulting, procurement and managed services for Data, Hosting and Voice Solutions, and we can assist in determining eligibility for e-rate and Universal Service/Connect America Funds.

For help tackling strategic, operational, and cost-containment challenges surrounding telecommunications services, please contact us to schedule a free assessment and introductory visit.